Flipped Classroom Links

I'm leading a session on "The Flipped Classroom" at The Teaching Professor Technology Conference. I will be sharing the following list of links as part of our discussion. Happy flipping!

The Basics of “Flipping”

7 Things You Should Know About the Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom FAQ

Help with Flipping the Classroom

Flipped Classroom Website

Guides to Creating Lecture Videos

Robert Talbert series on micro-lectures at The Chronicle

Jon Bergmann’s Guide to using the Explain Everything iPad App

Make videos accessible with closed caption: one easy option in PowerPoint

Tools to Create Collaborative Archives of Student Work

Google Drive: How to set up a shared folder

Twitter: Kris Schaffer on using twitter in flipped assignments for inquiry-based learning

Tools to Streamline Class Communication

Doodle: Online Scheduling System (smart phone app available)

Remind: Class Text Message System (smart phone app available)

Slack: Team Messaging System (smart phone app available)

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