Finding Texts to Analyze

Speech Banks

American Rhetoric

  • list of their top 100 American speeches 
  • 9-11 rhetoric 
  • speeches in movies

Famous Speeches Given by Women

Voices of Democracy  
  • Citizenship & Civic Identity
  • Civil Rights
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Religion & Morality in Public Life
  • Social & Economic Justice
  • U.S. Internationalism
  • War & Peace

Women's Speeches from Around the World

Nobel Lectures (find a subject, then a laureate, and view their award ceremony speech)

Speeches by American Presidents

Miller Center Presidential Speech Archives

So Just: Speeches on Social Justice

History Channel Famous Speeches

  • war
  • civil rights
  • sports
  • space

News & Politics

Political Cartoons

The Dissolve (According to my film studies friend Galen Wilson, this site is filled with near-academic quality (yet still layman-friendly) analysis of film.)

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